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Many financial advisory firms overcharge and underserve affluent individuals, defined as those with more than $400,000 in liquid financial assets. Andrew Hill Investment Advisors was founded in 2010 to address the severe lack of local and professional investment services in Naples, Florida.

Types of Specialty Services at
Andrew Hill Investment Advisors

From trustee services and small business pension plans to elder care and custodial services, you can count on our knowledgeable team. We will design a comprehensive, practical plan to help you strategically accomplish your goals for the future.

Trustee Services

A trustee appointment can be challenging, and sometimes overwhelming. Whether you are the trustee for a trust or serving on a board or financial committee for a nonprofit organization, you must be aware of your fiduciary and legal responsibilities. Our team includes seasoned certified trust and fiduciary advisor Jennifer Figurelli. She can assist you with upholding your fiduciary responsibility as a personal trust professional.

Small Business Pension Plans

Pension plans are one of the best wealth accumulation strategies, offering many tax advantages that are generally protected from creditor’s claims. They especially present a remarkable opportunity for business owners with only a handful of employees.

However, managing a pension plan involves many complex responsibilities. Our clients find that it necessitates a certain level of experience that can be time-consuming. For that reason, the team at Andrew Hill Investment Advisors facilitates diverse pension plans intended for a variety of professionals, employers and businesses. By delegating the investment decision-making process to our firm, clients can redirect their valuable time to growing their business and achieving their goals.

Planning for Individuals with Disabilities

Families with children who have developmental disabilities often face financial challenges. As responsible advisors, we have a passion for helping these children and adults achieve their highest quality of life. Gain peace of mind knowing that the financial provisions we put in place are aimed at covering the cost of any future health care needs. We accomplish this by coordinating the financial planning process with each clients’ legal, tax and healthcare professionals.

Pet Planning Services

For many pet owners, planning for your furry friend’s future is often overlooked by our fellow investment professionals. But as animal lovers and supporters of related causes, Andrew Hill Investment Advisors extends our personal financial concierge services to your four-legged friends and extended family members. That way, should anything happen, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your pet’s care has been provided for ahead of time.

Elder Care Planning Services

At Andrew Hill Investment Advisors, we understand our clients want a “worry-free” retirement. As the Baby Boomer age and the average life expectancy climbs, we must plan for elder care. Before this transition, clients and their families will want to be prepared for any additional support that they will need financially, medically and emotionally.

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