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Andrew Hill Investment Advisors Goes Above and Beyond

Andrew Hill Investment Advisors works hard to achieve outstanding results for our valued clients. Our team’s practical experience, training and talents can provide the financial security that clients need to accomplish their goals. We love to celebrate your success!

Here are a few case studies that demonstrate the value of professional financial advisory services and the extensive commitment of our knowledgeable, motivated team.

Andrew Hill Investment Advisors fights for the rights and wellbeing of all its clients, no matter their age. However, according to the National Adult Protective Services Association, financial exploitation of the senior population is on the rise. Because seniors increasingly trust and rely on others for support as they age, the opportunity for this type of elder abuse is rampant. Exploitation may come from financial professionals or trustees, guardians, caretakers, neighbors, family members and friends.

At Andrew Hill Investment Advisors, we’ve helped our clients outsmart scammers many times. For example, one of our senior clients received a “demand for payment” for a purported $20,000 loan investment. The letter came from an unknown, privately held company, which set off alarm bells for our team. Upon close investigation and with support from legal counsel, Andrew Hill Investment Advisors instructed our client to request a certified copy of the actual loan document from the company.

The result? The client never heard back from the company.

When it comes to estate planning, avoiding probate is a key goal. Defined simply, probate is another means by which property can legally pass from a deceased individual to their beneficiary. It exists because, in the United States, deceased individuals cannot own property. Ownership of each asset at the time of death must have some mechanism to pass to a living individual. Otherwise, probate is required.

Andrew Hill Investment Advisors has vast experience at implementing strategic estate plans that help clients avoid probate in the state of Florida. Our team is also adept at identifying potential problems before they negatively impact a client’s estate. What works best typically depends on the client’s unique financial situation and family dynamics.

For example, a couple hired Andrew Hill Investment Advisors to manage their separate “trust accounts.” The clients hired an attorney, paid for and signed these trust documents several years ago. However, upon reviewing their statements, our experts noticed the accounts were registered in the clients’ individual names, rather than their respective trusts. To make the situation worse, their previous broker failed to retitle their investment accounts.

Thankfully, Andrew Hill Investment Advisors caught the mistake within the estate plan, reregistered the accounts properly, and helped the clients avoid costly probate in Florida.

Moving can be emotional, especially when downsizing. Combined with the transition into retirement, the process can feel overwhelming and lead to analysis paralysis. Now, imagine moving from a 6,000 square-foot home into a 1,500 square-foot apartment located within a continuing care retirement community.

An elderly couple who partners with Andrew Hill Investment Advisors faced such a predicament after living in their family home for 32 years. At ages 83 and 84, they knew it was time to relocate. However, the mental and emotional barriers of moving hit the couple.

Knowing that the move would be difficult for our clients, the team at Andrew Hill Investment Advisors checked on them after several weeks of packing. During our visit, we noticed the challenges facing the couple and wanted to help. First, our staff helped by making a detailed report of the senior couple’s home and personal belongings, Next, we referred them to a professional movers who specializes in senior transition services.

The result? Our senior clients enjoyed a smooth move into their life plan community. Today, they are happily enjoying retirement and flourishing in their new environment.

Affluent individuals often seek out professional financial advisory services as a sounding board when evaluating their future. For seniors, the support of an experienced financial advisor after a life-changing event can provide valuable guidance – especially following the death of a spouse.

A great example is one of the Andrew Hill Investment Advisor’s senior female clients, aged 72. After the passing of her beloved husband, she inherited substantial investments that included real estate and a family business. For a time, all went well.

Then recently, she befriended a gentleman while playing bridge. The new couple enjoys spending time together dining out, traveling and playing golf. However, her three children feel some tension over her beau’s tendency to get overly involved in their mother’s financial life.

Enter Andrew Hill Investment Advisors. With many decades of proven experience, we are equipped to review and protect our clients’ best financial interests. As our investment client, she benefits from the oversight that our staff can provide for her bank accounts, loans, investments, taxes, legal services and more. The best part? Both the widow and her family have peace of mind about her financial affairs.