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Financial Market Risk Is Rising – Interest Rates Epicenter
October 20, 2023

Many factors are pushing up interest rates. The 10-year Treasury bond is yielding 4.9%, just under 5%, a key and psychological level many investors are eyeing. The yield has risen sharply from 4% in 6 weeks. A break above 5% leaves investors wondering… where will the next level be – 6% or 7%? The impact of materially higher interest rates has many negative implications for the economy, society, and world

Andrew Hill Investment Advisors, Inc. to Award Grants to the Immokalee Foundation and Trinity Life Foundation Inc. – Naples

                                          Andrew Hill Investment Advisors, Inc., a Naples-based investment and wealth management advisory firm, announced The Immokalee Foundation and Trinity Life Foundation Inc. as the non-profit grant recipients at the firm’s upcoming client reception held in November in conjunction with National Philanthropy Day. “As a socially responsible firm, we are

Economic Outlook – Conditions may soften, which may be good for portfolios

The economy has been stronger than most economists projected this year.  Many had expected a recession, but we have seen the opposite, with Gross Domestic Product (GDP) expected to grow 2% in the 3rd quarter. The growth has been due to resilient consumer spending, which makes up 2/3rd of GDP. However, consumer spending may wane as the summer spending spree on concerts and travel comes to an end.  There are

Investment Strategy – When will interest rates peak?

The investment strategy for the 4th quarter and beyond considers many factors.  The economy is expected to slow further with numerous land mines that could tip the economy into recession.  A weaker economy could actually be good for stocks and bonds as the threat of inflation and higher interest rates will lessen.  While a slower economy is anticipated, corporate earnings could show good results relative to expectations for the 3rd

Bond Investing Unwrapped Simpler Than You May Think

Let’s unwrap bond investing by starting with a familiar example: an IOU. When a friend borrows money from you and gives you an IOU, they promise to pay you back the borrowed money plus interest later. This simple concept is at the heart of bond investing.  How Bonds Work  When you buy a bond, you’re essentially lending money to another entity. This entity can be a government or a corporation.

3rd Quarter Recap – Higher Bond Yields – Lower Stocks

The SP500 and the Bloomberg Bond Index both ended the 3rd quarter on a downtrend.  The SP500 is down 3.6% but up 12.7% for the year to date.  In the fixed-income markets, the Bloomberg Bond Index is down 3.4% for the quarter and down 1.4% for the year to date. Stocks gained ground in July as positive earnings results propelled investors’ interest.  Nvidia was again the star performer with results