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Andrew Hill and Jennifer Figurelli

Naples-Based Investment & Wealth Management Advisory Firm

The seeds for Andrew Hill Investment Advisors, Inc. were planted 24 years ago, when Andy Hill and Jennifer Figurelli met while working at a national trust bank in Naples, Florida. Andy and Jennifer had vastly different personalities, but they shared a strong work ethic, a desire to always act in the client’s best interest and an entrepreneurial spirit – the makings of an ardent team. Over the next decade, they

Financial Markets Update:
August 17, 2023

“Too Hot to Fish, but Financial Markets Getting Cold.” As temperatures hit record highs this summer, the financial markets are experiencing a moderate cold snap. During August, the 10-year Treasury bond yield has pushed higher to 4.2%, oil has increased to over $80.00 per barrel, stocks have eased 4% from recent highs, and the U.S. Dollar has strengthened. All of these markets are influencing one another. The most important issue

Second Quarter 2023 Performance – June 26, 2023

In the second quarter of 2023, client portfolios continued to gain which was entirely due to the rise in stocks, as bonds were flat for the quarter, net of interest income. With the gains in the first quarter, client portfolios are building towards a good year of performance. Performance in the SP500 has been driven by 7 technology-related stocks. Since most client portfolios held only 5 out of 7, performance

Another Canisius Grad Joins AHIA – Introducing Sean O’Brien

  My name is Sean O’Brien, and I am pleased to announce that I am the new Associate Financial Analyst working remotely and directly under Andy Hill. I am currently pursuing my MBA from Canisius University (formerly Canisius College), where I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in finance this past May. I joined the team at Andrew Hill Investment Advisors, Inc. through a referral from the incredible network at Canisius

The Myopic Fed is “Skating to Where The Puck Was.”

Hockey legend, Wayne Gretzky, became great by his ability to anticipate where the puck was going before the opponent. In the economy, the Federal Reserve is chasing where the puck was already. The analogy to the Federal Reserve policies is that they are basing their decisions on lagging and outdated data, versus looking forward. The Fed was ridiculously late in raising interest rates from zero, now they are making a

The “Exploitable Brain” and How to Recognize if You’re Being Scammed

By Jennifer R. Figurelli, CTFA Financial exploitation of senior citizens is a profitable business. According to the Life Care Planning Law Firms Association, financial exploitation costs seniors nearly $36 billion per year. Recent AARP statistics revealed that only 20% of financial scams are reported, and 1 out of 5 people over the age of 72 will be exploited within the next year. I recently attended a webinar hosted by the