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Bank Failures Spooks Investors

Three banks failed last week, but the fallout of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) was the one that mattered. The other two were tied to the decline of the cryptocurrency industry. SVB was the bank for many small and growing businesses and was hoping to become publicly traded in the future. With the Federal Reserve rising interest rates and investor sentiment declining, the window for new public offerings “IPOs” has closed.

Brief Financial Market Comment – Fully invested in most client portfolios

We have continued to invest surplus cash in clients’ accounts and now can be considered fully invested in most portfolios. While there are many issues concerning investors, the bearish sentiment has presented the opportunity to invest now. Waiting for “good news” is not a good investment strategy as prices will be much higher. Our favorite technical contrarian indicator, the put/call ratio, has correctly guided us again. Since the beginning of

Financial Market Update: May 2, 2022 Stocks, bonds, crypto, and gold all falling in April

April was a bad month for portfolios; however, in the past week, three unbelievably bad days accounted for most of the 9% decline in the SP500. The sharp selloff was precipitated by the comments made by Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell about raising interest rates during a period where inflation is extremely high. Investor concerns about the Federal Reserve’s goal to increase interest rates too high and create a deep

Hill Completes Columbia Business School Program On “Building and Managing A Sustainable Global Portfolio”

Andrew Hill Investment Advisors, Inc., a boutique investment advisory firm with more than $150 million in assets under management, announced that President and Co-Founder Andrew D.W. Hill completed Columbia Business School’s Executive Education on “ESG Investing: Building and Managing a Sustainable Global Portfolio.” This seven-week online program covered diverse aspects of sustainable investments, focusing on tools and techniques for the effective financial valuation and risk assessment of sustainable asset classes.

Federal Reserve Divorcing from the Stock and Bond Markets

January 28, 2022 The Federal Reserve appears to be focused on stamping out inflation by raising interest rates to the detriment of the economy and financial markets. The direction of Federal Reserve appears to be more restrictive than investors expected and poses a growing risk of economic recession in 2023 and 2024. Stock and Bond markets are off to a rough start to 2022.-Corporate earnings are generally off to a