Pursue Financial Success with an Experienced & Insightful Team

For more than a decade, the professionals at Andrew Hill Investment Advisors have served as trusted consultants to valued clients in Naples, Florida. Our highly credentialed team of three provides exceptional financial concierge services, sustainable investing-focused investment research, strategic estate planning and more. The firm’s services are designed for individuals, charitable entities and fiduciary clients, including those with special needs, nonprofit endowments and small employer pension plans.

Since the firm’s founding in 2010, the total amount of client assets under management has grown to exceed more than $140 million. Additionally, Andrew Hill Investment Advisors is one of the few financial advisory firms who incorporates sustainable investing into its services, because we believe good stewardship leads to great outcomes.

Origins of Andrew Hill Investment Advisor

Today, Andrew Hill Investment Advisors is a well-established boutique registered investment advisor firm. Its origins
began in 2000 when Andrew Hill and Jennifer Figurelli began working at PNC Advisors, a national trust bank. Previously,
Andy worked as a registered investment advisor for a firm focused on small cap equity investing and desired to enter the
banking industry to expand his investment expertise in wealth management. Jennifer was beginning her career as a trust
officer, having previously worked as a paralegal on the east coast of Florida. Before long, Jennifer and Andy left PNC
Advisors to join Fifth Third Bank, a national bank that was in the process of rebuilding their investment and trust
department. Fifth Third Bank is where Andy and Jennifer grew an extensive clientele serving high net worth individuals
and business owners. After a poorly executed merger with a local bank, Jennifer and Andy relocated to Comerica Bank
where Jennifer worked as the senior trust officer and Andy was appointed to the bank’s investment committee which proved
to be historic experience throughout the financial crisis.

The motivation towards forming AHIA was based on the trend of the trust banks shifting away from traditional fiduciary
services and focusing on the sale of products that may not have always been in the client’s best interest, but were
certainly profitable to the bank.

In January 2010, Andrew Hill Investment Advisors began operations under the legal guidance of attorney, Chuck Zundel,
but with no clients and an unsupportive former employer. Fidelity agreed to serve as custodian despite the promise of no
clients beyond a few family members. While capturing new clients was a challenge, the firm has remained focused on
producing solid investment returns and providing personalized financial concierge services directed to keeping financial
affairs organized and prepared for whatever comes next.

In 2017, the firm began its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Charity Recognition Event that benefits three
charities supporting southwest Florida. The event has grown over the past three years until beginning interrupted by the
COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, the firm transitioned its registration to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) opening
up the ability to market nationally.

About Andrew Hill Investment Advisors

Andrew Hill Investment Advisors, Inc. began operation in 2010 by Andrew Hill & Jennifer Figurelli, who worked
together over the preceding 10 years at three national trust banks. The firm management exceeds more than $130 million
of clients assets and is registered with the SEC, (Securities Exchange Commission). Clients include retirees,
professionals, pension plans, endowments, and captive insurance. Clients include a significant number of single female
clients and approximately 1/3 of the clients reside outside of southwest Florida.

The firm believes that it has a competitive advantage by incorporating sustainable investing
analysis into the research process, producing solid investment returns over time and incorporating personal financial
concierge services into client relationships. Fidelity services as custodian of client funds, Black Diamond provides
client reporting. The firm is strictly fee based with fees of 1% rate of asset under management.