Success Stories

Here are a few examples of where our Personal Financial Concierges Services have helped our clients achieve peace of mind.

  • Our firm helped a widow who was totally overwhelmed in dealing with the financial paperwork and tax issues that had always been taken care of by her late spouse.
  • Our firm has served as a resource for clients who need assistance with the annual Medicare open enrollment process.
  • Our firm helped an elderly couple before, during and after the transition from their home of 30 years to a continuing care retirement community.
  • Our firmed helped a client downsize to a new home by assisting with the reduction of their personal effects, including the sale of an antique car.
  • Our firm helped a client who was considering dropping her long-term care insurance policy by referring her to an insurance specialist. The client discovered that she could modify the existing benefits, which reduced the annual premium making the policy more affordable. She is now able to keep this policy which will protect her assets from diminishing from the cost of long-term care.
  • Our firm assisted a client who  wanted to financially help her daughter. We evaluated the size of the proposed gift and the impact to the portfolio and provided the client with alternative options.
  • Our firm helped a client respond to a bogus “demand for payment” letter.
  • Our firm served as a “moderator” between a client and her grandchild by offering financial counseling to the grandchild, who is the beneficiary of a substantial trust.
Disclosures: The above examples of our services offered should not be construed as a testimonial. It is not known whether these clients approve or disapprove of the firm or the services provided. 

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