Personal Financial Concierge Services

Our Personal Financial Concierge Services are what distinguish us apart from other firms in the industry. Financial Concierge Services are not the same as Financial Planning. A true “Financial Concierge” takes care of whatever miscellaneous personal financial planning services that a client may need above and beyond traditional financial planning. This could include anything from basic financial housekeeping to providing support for someone who has a high-level and/or one-time project.

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The following are examples of typical concierge services we provide:

column2-image1New Florida Resident

Not only does Florida offer a favorable climate with nearly 365 days of sunshine, it also has a highly favorable tax climate for both individuals and businesses. Domiciled Florida residents enjoy:

  • No state income tax
  • No estate tax
  • Florida Homestead Exemption, which provides savings on real estate taxes
  • No corporate income tax on limited partnerships and subchapter-S corporations
  • Many other commerce and tax advantages for business owners

We are happy to provide new clients with a new Florida resident “Checklist” to guide them through the steps to establish Florida domicile. As a special gift, we’ll include a comprehensive welcome package with area information on hospitals, schools, non-profit organizations, libraries, parks, etc. Plus, you can always count on an AHIA concierge for referrals when looking for various personal, professional, household, and recreation or leisure services.

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Estate/Trustee Services

  • Identify, locate and recommend advisors (e.g., insurance professionals, banking institutions, accountants),
  • Assistance in obtaining higher yielding deposits,
  • Assistance in obtaining the lowest yielding loan rates,
  • Initiate estate planning reviews relative to changes in tax laws and asset protection issues,
  • Review and coordinate filing of income tax returns, and;
  • Initiate insurance reviews (e.g., life, health, disability, property/casualty, liability, long term)

Planning for Special Circumstances

  • Assist with college funding options,
  • Planning for families with a special needs child,
  • Educate a spouse, partner and/or family member on your financial matters,
  • Recommend alternative living arrangements, including nursing and long-term care,
  • Assist with Medicare and Social Security issues,
  • Create an inventory of important documents and information,
  • Develop an evacuation or disaster/hurricane plan, and;
  • Arrange pet care and temporary housing needs


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