Investment Management Services

Investment Management Strategies

Our investment management services focus on providing individually managed portfolios designed to meet a client’s individual needs and circumstances. Our cash flow based wealth management philosophy, described as the “need matched portfolio,” partitions the portfolio into short, intermediate and long term goals and matches with the investment strategy appropriate to achieving the specific goal.

Wealth Management Philosophy:    We believe the purpose of an investment portfolio is to provide financial resources when needed. Whether it is a retiree using the portfolio to support his/her living expenses, a foundation funding its charitable purpose, or a professional looking to accumulate wealth towards retirement, we structure the portfolio to meet the individual investment management & financial needs.

Our strategy to achieve our client’s financial goals is our “Needs Matched Portfolio.” Applying this strategy, we partition the client’s goals into short, intermediate and long term time horizons. Next, we seek investments with a similar maturity structure to the financial objective. Applying the Needs Matched Portfolio strategy increases the probability that a client’s financial goals will be achieved.





3 Years or Less

Low risk short term bonds & cash reserves

3 to 7 Years

Investment grade bonds with maturities of 3 to 6 years, coupled with select dividend paying stocks

Beyond 7 Years

Investment focused on long term appreciation including growth stocks, high yield bonds and commodities


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