AMU Course: Security Analysis

Andrew D.W. Hill, CFA:    Adjunct Professor at Ave Maria University

Ave Maria and FGCU students meeting Kenny Polcari January 2016

As firm believers of empowering youth, the staff at Andrew Hill Investment Advisors, Inc. works hard to provide young people with the proper tools to encourage a financially strong future. As a result, Andy Hill, firm president, became an adjunct professor at Ave Maria University.

Andy began teaching security analysis in the Spring of 2016.  Class presentations and student research will be posted as its available.

Course:   Security Analysis 
Course Presentations

Introduction to Security Analysis

Chapter 1 The Investment Environment

Chapter 2 Asset Classes and Financial Instruments

Chapter 3 How Securities Are Traded

Chapter 4 Mutual Funds and Other Investment Companies

Chapter 5 Risk, Return, and the Historical Record

Chapter 6 Capital Allocation to Risky Assets

Chapter 11 The Efficient Market Hypothesis

Chapter 12 Behavioral Finance and Technical Analysis

Chapter 15 The Term Structure of Interest Rates

Chapter 16 Managing Bond Portfolios

Chapter 17 Macroeconomic and Industry Analysis

Chapter 18 Equity Valuation Models

Chapter 19 Financial Statement Analysis

Chapter 22 Futures Markets

Chapter 24 Portfolio Performance Evaluation

Chapter 25 International Diversification

Chapter 26 Hedge Funds

Chapter 27 The Theory of Active Portfolio Management

Student Research Papers

Economic Impact of Baseball in Southwest Florida

Economic Impact of Sport Fishing in Florida

Ponzi Schemes

Ponzi Schemes: Psychology of Victims

Real Estate Investment Trusts and Their Performance Against the S&P 500 and Gold

The Low-Volatility Anomaly Market: Evidence on Systematic Risk vs. Mispricing

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